“This course was the opportunity of a lifetime that I wish I could repeat all over again.”

- Erin H, Illustration major, The School of Visual Arts

Contemporary Art in London is a study abroad program offered through the School of Visual Arts and designed by Kazan Studio. Participants visit galleries and studios, and produce their own critical writing and responsive artwork.


How do I say that the course was really illuminating? It brought things to the forefront which are otherwise glanced over, artists that have been glanced over, etc. and highlighted all that in a way that was unlike any other class I’ve taken.

Anna and Kara created a unique program and environment for the Contemporary Art History class in London which included engaged discussions and varied majors. The course brought new life to the many strings of pre-modern and modern art history I’d studied in other classes and contextualized the pre-modern, modern, and post-modern art and theory discussed in class. Discussion of imperialism, “beauty” in its complex history as a tool for mass propaganda as well as a subjective experience, post-colonialist theory, and feminism took on a new life through the readings, artworks, monuments, museums and galleries we visited, and class discussions. Each artist we were able to meet and hear from brought a different approach and perspective on art (visualizing scientific theory, celebration and activism around cultural experience, contemporary social realism, and contemporary abstract expressionism) and career path.

This course was so unique brought areas of art history and theory to light that have changed my perspective on Surrealism, activism in art, and my own artwork, a well as what can be done as a contemporary artist in the world.
— Max K, Visual and Critical Studies
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This course was the opportunity of a lifetime that I wish I could repeat all over again. I met some really great friends from different majors that I would have never met if it weren’t for this class. I learned a whole semester’s worth of information in just under two weeks and was able to fill up a whole sketchbook and create a final illustration by the end. This course would be very valuable for any major
— Erin H, Illustration
The course gave me a new understanding of how England is still greatly shaped by its imperial past. I also loved the visits we made to practicing artists’ studios as they offered greater insight into the current experience of artists in London. Seeing Sokari’s workshop tour was especially interesting! The whole experience was so much fun and although we saw loads of great monuments and galleries, I think the best part was the really interesting discussions we had at lunch each day.
— Casper M, Cartooning
The program is an opportunity to grow as an artist, a critical thinker, simply as an individual. The learning on site experience is just such an amazing educational approach that opens your mind to a far deeper — and personal understanding of art history and our present status/necessity/practice as contemporary artists. Nothing that could be taught in a classroom or textbook, but only by living THE experience, which I’m so grateful of having being a part of. A fruit-full sip of the London Contemporary cup of tea!
— Naomi T, Visual and Critical Studies

Thomas Q, Illustration

Liying Y, Graphic Design

Callie B, Graphic Design